Art meets Design and they get along fine...

Something I have been excited about for a while now is finally coming to life!

New Giclee prints on rich smooth and silky Somerset Velvet have arrived and the first piece now resides on the upper west side of NYC. I take an image of an original painting and put it through the mac lens... giving the work a new dimension. It's ironic really, In a sense I am being completely contradictory to my original intent. 

Painting, for me was a backlash, a rebel against the years of design, briefs, client needs, brand guidelines, rules rules rules.... I wanted to be free from that, free from the frozen hunchback chained to a mac for hours on end. But it seems, me and design are not breaking up after all.

Things just got a little spicier now that we have a new dimension in our lives.


First edition now proudly lives on the Upper West Side. NYC 


35 Hamilton Close

To celebrate their new kitchen and extension I was commissioned to create a painting to compliment the bright tones of this modern interior. As there was already a string block of color opposing the wall for the artwork I thought it better to create a softer image reflecting, not only the rectangular dimensions but also picking up just a touch of green. The abstract painting holds an optimistic view of the lanscdape.